Thursday, October 15, 2015

AOH Church of God South Alabama Diocesan

Bishop Gregory Lucy, is know to some as “Overseer,” others as an intellectual, community leader, visionary, educator, counselor, and still others as a devoted husband, beloved father, and loyal friend. No matter your point of reference, there are few places you will travel in this area without hearing the name Overseer Gregory Lucy. A native of Dixons Mills, Alabama Overseer Lucy was one of seventeen children born to the late John and Alma Lucy. Gregory Lucy was raised alongside a diverse array of siblings. Many of his childhood experiences nurtured his unique call to the ministry and helped honed his distinct ability to deliver the gospel to reach diverse people of many backgrounds and denominations. As a scholar, Overseer Lucy graduated from Marengo High School and went on to attend Bishop State Community College in Mobile, AL. It is noteworthy to mention that the years Overseer Lucy attended Bishop State, helped distinguish and contributed to his greater accomplishments later in life. Through obtaining a simple work-study job on campus, Overseer Lucy would be taken under the wings of the renowned late Dr. S. D. Bishop, founder and president of Bishop State Community College. Until Overseer Lucy took his leave from Bishop State, Dr. Bishop would play an important role in nurturing and shaping the astute intellectual Gregory Lucy is known as today. Overseer Lucy would later go on to attain a Bachelor of Theology, Th.B. from the International Bible Institute in Plymouth, FL. In 1999 Overseer Lucy received a Bachelor of Science Degree from Concordia College, Selma, AL and in 2002, received a Masters of Education in Administration M.Ed Degree from the University of West Alabama. Certainly a product of the A.O.H. Church of God, Overseer Lucy’s work began early in the church. Under the leadership of the many pastors who ministered in their seasons at the Dixons Mills A.O.H. Church of God, Overseer Lucy remained a steady figure in the church and served in many capacities such as Sunday School Teacher, Secretary of Sunday School, Superintendent, Musician (organist), and Deacon. However, it was after moving to Mobile, AL, while attending the Phillips Temple A.O.H. Church of God under the leadership of Bishop James E. Finely, that Overseer Lucy developed a unique understanding of how the Church was supposed to operate. He continued to serve faithfully at both the Phillips Temple and Dixons Mills A.O.H. Churches wherever there was an avenue for him to serve. During this thirteen-year span, God in his infinite wisdom saw fit to transition, then Deacon Gregory Lucy, into the ministry. In 1986, at the age of thirty, the late Senior Bishop Jasper Roby ordained Overseer Lucy an Elder. After serving as assistant Pastor for two-years under the leadership of Elder Willie Jones, Overseer Lucy accepted his first pastorate at Dixons Mills A.O.H. Church of God appointed by Bishop G. W. Ayers. During this tenure, many changes were made, from many building restorations to significantly increasing the membership of the church. Because of his consistent dedication to God’s work, Overseer Lucy was promoted from an Elder to Assistant Overseer of the 6th District. In 2000 God gave Overseer Lucy a vision to move the church to a new location and build it debt free, which at the time seemed to be a huge task to accomplish. He continually encouraged the members that the new church and location would come to pass without fail stating, “When God gives a vision, he will provide.” On September 29, 2002, the new debt-free church with a seating capacity of six hundred was dedicated and given the new name El Shaddai A.O.H. Church of God. Along with the new edifice, (though some years later) Overseer Lucy founded Gregory Lucy Ministries (GLM). GLM’s primary focus is to: address social needs, and generate independent institutions such as; After School Community Centers, Rehabilitation Facilities, and Private Christian Schools just to mention a few. In March 2006 Overseer Lucy was appointed Overseer of the 22nd District. In June 2011 Overseer Lucy was appointed Bishop-Elect in this great Apostolic Overcoming Holy Church of God. Bishop Lucy continues in the promises that God has given him as he endeavors to nurture a church that goes “beyond the walls,” pursuing an ongoing effort to touch lives with the love of God. It is also his desire that El Shaddai A.O.H Church have a positive and powerful impact on its community bringing hope and uplift in every way possible. “The Lord is truly blessing this church, and HE continues to bless me and I can assure you that if you live for God, He will take care of you.” – Bishop Lucy is the proud husband of 30 years to Lady Phyllis Lucy, a devoted father to Gabriel and Adrienne Lucy and loving grandfather to Brendon L. Lucy. Bishop Lucy was consecrated bishop in 2013.

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